Game Zones


For All You Call of Duty Lovers

This was previously known as “tank”, however since the addition of a Lynx helicopter (which players can get into if they want), a military ambulance, a Bedford truck, some military style 4x4s, a military fire truck and some military themed barricades, such as barrels and sandbags, the game field has been renamed. This is now a domination game field, with flags at key points throughout the field. The team with the most flags up at the end of the game, wins the game.

Bomb Hole

High Intensity Attack & Defence

Often mispronounced, this game area is an attack and defend game. The defending team will start off at the compound while the attacking team starts at the other end of the field. The defending team can then break out as far as the compound walls….. but no further. The attacking team need to make their way stealthily down the field, collecting “the bomb” on the way. The attacking team will need to work together to get a live player and the objective into the compound while the defending team will need to communicate clearly to stop the attacking team from winning the game.

Wild West

Can You Break The Bank?

“We’re going straight to the Wild, Wild, West!”. Welcome to our new Wild West field. The defending team will start, and stay, in the Saloon. They can choose whether to stay on the ground floor, go upstairs or flit in-between in order to pick off members of the attacking team. The attacking team will start at the other end of the game field. When “game on” is called, they will then need to break out and work together to reach their objectives and may even have a shoot out with the defending team.

Junk in the Trunk

Post-Apocalyptic Tactical Warfare

Imagine a game zone filled with abandoned vehicles, tipped over cars, and tyre barricades galore…. Sounds Great? Now imagine a tyre tunnel of death in the middle of this field…. There lies your objective! Retrieve the Golden Tyre from the tunnel of death and then launch a full assault on the enemy team while taking the tyre to their base area.


Outwit the State and Sieze HQ

Spread your team across this vast field, send the runners up the hill and work together to not only stop the other team reaching their objective but also to secure yours. This is a large field with a mixture of buildings and obstacles to fight your way through and around.

What's Sup

Blow up fun

This is our inflatable field, one of our more popular fields and it’s a fast-paced game. Each team will start at either end of the field. As soon as the game starts players will want to get to cover as quickly as possible, hiding behind and shooting from one of the inflatable barricades which sound deafening when being fired upon, you will then need to make your way to the centre of the field where all hell breaks loose, to retrieve the flag and go on to score the win for your team. This is the first field we normally play as it is guaranteed to get the adrenalin flowing for the day.


I Want To Break Freee

In this game area the defending team have to guard the Jail from the attacking team and ensure that the flag on the exterior of the building that they are protecting is left untouched by the attacking team. The attacking team will need to launch an assault that will make the “Jailhouse Rock”

Faulty Towers

Elevated Assault

This game field is pure “woodsball”. A collection of wooden barricades, in a woodland area, along with towers to try and shoot opponents from. Each team will start either end with the objective in the middle of the field. When the game starts the teams will need to get to cover and rally together and communicate to get the objective and win the game.